High-Quality Septic Tank Solutions in Mount Vernon

MetLeg Plumbing & Design LLC is Mount Vernon’s local septic tank solution specialist. We are experienced and knowledgeable in the installation, repair and replacement of all types of septic tank systems in Mount Vernon and the surrounding areas. The average lifespan of a septic tank system is anywhere between 20-30 years, however with the proper care and maintenance, your Mount Vernon septic tank can last up to 50 years The following is a list of helpful dos and don’ts for maintaining your Mount Vernon septic system:

  • Do arrange for your septic system to be pumped approximately every two years. Doing so enables the septic tank to be cleaned out of any solid waste which could affect the drainage. Failing to pump it out every so often can irritate and clog the drainage system of the septic tank, causing a structural problem or a sewage backup.
  • If your home is located in a wooded area in Mount Vernon, Do use a root killer to stop roots from penetrating the system and clogging it up.
  • Do use bacterial additives to replenish the bacteria that your system needs to break down and decompose solid waste. Conversely, do not use antibacterial soaps, since a septic tank relies on the good bacteria in our bodies that comes from human waste and antibacterial soaps can kill these when flushed down the drain.
  • Do keep your septic tank cover accessible for inspections and plumbing. This will avoid the need for excavation and damage caused to your lawn to find the septic tank cover. Ensuring that your cover is clearly visible will also avoid the extra fees associated with excavating to find it.
  • Use single-ply toilet paper as opposed to double or triple ply. Septic systems process these better.
  • Do not overload your septic system by doing many loads of laundry, or taking too many showers at once. Try to spread out your water usage throughout the week.
  • Do use biodegradable, ammonia- and chlorine-free detergents, soaps and cleaners to prolong the life and condition of your septic system.
  • Do not flush any foreign objects including plastic, paper or cotton down the toilet. The septic tank is only made to process human waste and toilet paper, so make sure not to flush any solid objects or tools down the toilet to ensure the health and efficiency of your septic system. As a simple rule, it is easy to remember that only human waste and water should ever enter your septic system.

Cost-Effective Septic Tanks and Repair From MetLeg Plumbing & Design LLC

A septic system is a great way to manage your waste if you have a large or isolated plot of land. It is cost-effective, long-lasting and beneficial for the environment. To find out if a septic tank system is right for your home, or to learn about our products and services, call MetLeg Plumbing & Design LLC today. We are also available around the clock for emergency septic tank repair so that you are always insured against a septic tank problem.